Dead motherboard?

My build is:
Gigabyte - GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 MOBO
i5-2500k Processor

Since building the computer I have rarely turned it off. I keep it on for months at a time since I use it so often.
Today it completely shut off while I was using it.
Now when I try to power it on nothing happens, the PSU doesn't even power on. I have tested the PSU and it will turns on when jump-started with a paperclip.
I have disconnected everything from the motherboard other than the PSU and the CPU. Also I have bypassed the power button so I know that is not the problem.
Any suggestions on what I can try to get it to start?
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  1. Check your RAM: try each stick individually in all slots, trying to find a bad stick/slot or combination.
  2. only thing i can see is that it is an issue with the PSU. if you have to use a paperclip to get the PSU to power on that should be a good sign that it is most likely the PSU. other than that the only other possibilities would be if you could try the PSU in another computer or another PSU in this computer
  3. I took a PSU from another computer and plugged it up to the motherboard and same result. Nothing happens.
    Also I have tried both sticks of RAM in each slot. Still nothing.
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