Currently building first custom built; couple questions

Hey everyone, I'm new to the custom built PC world, but I took the plunge and purchased all the parts. All the parts are here, and I'm currently in the process of building. Quick spec sheet so you have an idea what I'm dealing with:

-Corsair graphite 600T case
-ASrock P67 extreme 4 motherboard
-Corsair AX750 power supply
-Intel I5-2500 Processor
-EVGA GTX 560Ti graphics card
-ASUS DvD drive/burner
-8 GB Patriot DDR3 RAM
-WD 500GB Hard drive
-Cisco Wireless Network card

The questions I have will mainly focus on the motherboard, case, and power supply.

So far I have all of the components installed, but the amount of wires is overwhelming. Thankfully this case allows me to route most of them to the back of the case. My problem is that the motherboard isn't very well marked for all the small connectors(USBs, power, etc.), and the manual isn't the best. Does anyone who owns this motherboard know an easier way to figure out where all the data plugs go in?

Next, the 600T has a built in fan controller, but I have no idea where to plug it in. I could of sworn its supposed to plug to the power supply since its a manual controller and not a motherboard, but It doesn't fit anywhere on it. The only spot I see it could possibly go is the motherboard. Not sure what to do here....

Lastly, I want to make sure my wireless card is a safe to use a part. When I received my wireless card, the metal back bar that goes into the expansion slot in the back of the case was slightly bent at the end. So, I had to use a hammer and lightly tap it into place. In addition, it was an awfully tight squeeze into the PCI slot it had to go into to. I had to apply significant pressure to it compared to the video card, and it made a much louder sound going in. I had to take it out and put it back in because I had to adjust the metal back again(Thought it was touching the motherboard so I wanted to make sure it wasn't). The card LOOKED ok when I took it out. Should I be worried about either of these things?

I know this is a lengthy post, but I want to get this stuff right the first time, and I will gladly appreciate any help or advice!
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  1. You PCI card should be fine. I always just bend them into shape by hand if necessary or *maybe* with pliers/Vice Grip but NEVER any tool that strikes. That's asking for problems.

    Also, the connectors should be fairly self explanatory. They all match up to the pins...If you NEED help, look around the net for "XXXX header" where XXXX is the the "small connector" you're looking for. The manual will have enough necessary and the board is markes with "USB_1" or "CPU_FAN" or "CHA_FAN" etc... Also, your controller is going to connect into the board, just connect them there. It's just fine that way.

    If you need further help, Take a picture of your motherboard and a picture of the connectors you're confused on and we will direct you that way. We'll even put BIG RED arrows pointing at what goes where.
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