Amd phenom 2 1100t vs 1090t performance in maya

:sol: :sol: :sol: I want to add the better processor in my 3rd Amd rig, my mobo is am3+ sabertooth 990, which one will performs well in 3d rendering apps. By the way all my apps will use every last bit from every core. Just tell me which one is good and why. In a week I am getting the best one between above two for half price. (from friend he used them only 10 days he bought them on this month 1st) There is no high end rendering cause it is used by a student. :sol: :sol: :sol:
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  1. It's the same chip so obviously the one clocked higher is better.
  2. 1100T will perform (very slightly) better because of the higher clock speed. However, if I were you, I'd get a 1055T and overclock it to 3.5Ghz, then it'd beat both 1100T and 1090T.
  3. Get the one you can get cheapest. Both are essentially the same chips with slight clock speed differences.
  4. thank you all, I have experience with 1100t and 1055t, but i haven't used 1090t, And i am buying from a friend not from a shop, and his offer is half price from his bill when he purchased (actual purchase date 01-10-11).
  5. Either one will work.
  6. There is a 100mhz difference in clock speed, other wise they are the same processor. That 100mhz will result in 2-3% better performance, but the 1100T is better.
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