Corsair AX650, is the right PSU for me?

I'm configure myself a new computer with a CPU i7-2600k and AUSS ENGTX 580 with 2 hard drives.
This pc will be used for reading mails but also for gaming.
I readed this article,2916-3.html , which was very interesting, but now I would like to know that the PSU I choosed is the right one.
I want to go for the PSU Corsair Gold AX650 .

I don't see immiadtly how I can calculate the effciency of this PSU to see this the right one. Can someone help me out?
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    Yes it's a good choice;however,I recommend going with the 750/850 model especially if you're planing to OC later
  2. the HX750 or the HX850 will be plenty, even with OC. very good models, and much cheaper.
  3. Thanks for the replies already :)
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