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Hi quys,

So im a little confused about what motherboard to choose for my new build and thought i would ask here as i always get the best answers. So my question is with headsets that use a USB to connect to the computer, do they utilise/use a motherboards on board sound card. By that i mean, i have a G930 and was wondering that if i got the Rampage IV Formula mobo because of the USB the G930 uses would it bypass the onboard sound card and use its own, or could i choose it to use the onboard?? The reason i ask is that I'm unsure of which of motherboard to get. The RIVE or the RIVF. I already have a Soundblaster Titanium Fatality sound card from my previous build that i was thinning of bringing over to plug my 5.1 surround sound speakers into. However, when I'm playing with my mates i use my G930 so i can speak with them. So I'm just unsure if the G930 would use the onboard or would bypass it and use its own..

Thanks for looking at this in advance.
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    USB headsets provide their own audio codec and DAC (digital to analog converter). The onboard sound codec is not used.

    The SoundBlaster Titanium Fatality Pro is many orders of magnitude better than any USB driven headset and is best used with an analog driven headset such as the one I use:

    EDIT: I have the sound card in question and it works amazing on my RIVE
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