Radeon 5770 HDMI problem


Basically I use my monitor (DVI) as my primary display and my HDTV as secondary. It was working fine, until one day it starts messing up.

The regular monitor works fine until I plug in my HDMI. When I do that, it blacks out my monitor leaving the cursor frozen on the screen. The TV has no signal.

When I boot I can see it on both screens fine.

I understand this might be a resolution problem because it worked fine when I formatted my computer until i changed the preset to 720p (This worked fine before).

I have tried to:

-uninstall drivers and reinstall drivers
-use the previous drivers
-change hdmi cables

I do not want to format or send back in my card to XFX if I don't need too. Thanks
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  1. try to boot in safe mode and change the resolution on both monitors? Are you overclocking the card whilst trying to duel desktop or duplicate?
  2. I have done this before, but it disables my graphics card driver and I cannot access my Catalyst. I will try again through regular windows and will post what happens. Thanks
  3. Okay I tried two things. My BIOS on my new computer allowed me to go in to a setting of 640 x 480 resolution. That didn't work, exact same problem.

    I tried to boot in safe mode, using Windows to change my resolution but it only shows one monitor not my TV which is displayed as a clone. I changed it anyway from 800 x 600 to 1024x768. Same problem when I boot up normally. Thanks.

    Oh and I am not overclocking the card. Thank you
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