Gamming pc

about 4 months ago i talked about a new pc
custom made. this is what i have so far.
what am i building for, a mid range pc for gamming
and a little programming work.

any ideas for am3 mobo

processor something that will handle
deus ex 3 - bf3

my current os is xp corporate but i hear
bf3 needs vista or 7

memory im told 1.5v is best
with a am3 board im assuming 1333 or 1066 ?
4 gig stick minimum for now until i get w/7

case 50 quid tops might stretch to 60
what do u guys think of coolermaster cases.

nvidia g/card what would run bf3 or deus ex 3

and a power supply. ideas would help

parts ive already marked down

Seagate 500GB SATA III
( £ 30.00 Inc VAT )

Sony Optiarc AD-5260S 24x DVD±RW
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  1. Look at the gaming PC suggestions on here. That will give all the info you need. 4GB should be plenty for windows 7 to start with though. You probably won't need any more than that for quite some time.

    Find the one you like best. Many comments are there and should direct you where you need.

    Good luck and come back with questions that haven't been asked here already!
  2. 1 problem its all new egg thats america
    im in england
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