Recommendation for a Graphics Card around 50-100 bucks?

Hello, I am planning to get this power supply.Unless you guys don't think its a good PSU.
Unless you guys don't think its a good PSU.

What would be a good Graphics card to play games such as Vindictus and Starraft 2. My budget is around 50-100 dollars.
Right now I am using a HP media Center m7640n.
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  1. Before you get a psu, which I don't think raidmax is good, check the power rating that's already in your computer. This only needs a 400w psu is $70 and will play sc2 on high and max vindictus. $10 less is the 5570 which will also be sufficient.
  2. radimax psu's are cheap crap. dont buy a crap psu, you will regret it. buy something from manufacturers who always use good components and produce overall reliable products like Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, OCZ, silverstone etc.
    Is this one any good?
    Also, what video card should i get. I kinda want a really good one for 430 watts.
    Also, my max output on my PSU is 300 watts
    Would this be good?
  4. The gt 430 would probably work on that 300w psu. But for the same price the 5570 is better performing. That psu is good.
  5. Whats the difference between the 5570 and 5670 besides the DDR because the 5670 only has 512 MB while the 5570 has 1GB
  6. this psu will power anything up to a 6850, even though its only 380w, its reliable and has 2x 17a 12V rails. having lots of power available on the 12v rail is very important. A gt430 is a waste of money. get at least that
  7. Would this card be better than the one you recommended?
    Also, how would that PSU be able to power a recommended watt of 500 without overheating or burning out the card? Sorry, I have never replaced my card before.
    Here are the specs for my computer will these parts fit inside my computer?
  8. if that is your computer then you should perhaps just upgrade the video card to a 5570, since your cpu is slow and will bottleneck anything better. then you wont have to upgrade the psu also. you may need to call HP to find out if the gfx card is compatable.
  9. Wouldn't I have to upgrade my PSU though because it only supplys 300 watts.
    Here is my PSU
    can this card run on a 300 watt PSU? or do i need to get a 2v 430 watt psu?
  11. a 5570 will run on a 300w psu.
  12. Save up enough money to get yourself a 500-600w psu at a good price, and get a 5770. the bang for the buck of that card is great.all in all you should spend somewhere around 150.00 for the entire setup. I am not sure how much of an issue money is for you, but i think you will be happiest with this setup on a low budget. here are some suggestions
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