Computer will not boot after switching case

I have had the following system working perfectly for over a year now

core i7 950
asus p6x58de motherboard
18GB DDR3 ram - 3x2GB sticks and 3x4GB sticks
750w casecom PSU
evga gtx 460

Today i purchased a Bitfenix Colossus case and after removing the components from the old case and installing into the new case i turned the computer on. It stayed on for about 20 seconds and then shut off.
Now whenever i turn it on the cpu and psu fans twitch and then nothing.
I have been trying to fix it for about 3 hours and i have tried unplugging everything, tested the PSU with the paperclip trick and breadboarding the MB.

any help would be appreciated.
i can provide pictures/videos if needed

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  1. All your power cables are plugged up right? Main power harness, CPU power, etc? It's the simple things you always want to double check first.
  2. yeh i have the 24pin eatxpwr and 8pin eatx12v plugged in fine
  3. How about the motherboard mounts, check for possible grounds/shorts. Also the connector back plate. Client of mine once had a tab off the back plate that was sticking into the USB plug grounding out the system and causing all kinds of problems.
  4. ill try re installing the MB now with all the stand offs and making sure the connectors arent touching anything.
    But wouldn't the fact that it doesnt work even when i tried to get it working with the MB out of the case mean thats not the problem?
  5. Probably but I'm just narrowing it down. I'd almost be willing to bet it's the PSU, but first things first. Do you have another PSU you could try?
  6. re installing the MB didnt work.
    Ill try a different PSU tomorrow and get back to you (:
  7. i just plugged the eatxpower in without connecting the eatx12v and the cpu fan starts up..originally it just twitched..
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