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hi , i am planning to buy a new motherboard and processor . my budget is 250$. i play games a lot . i have 400W psu from my old pc.
please give me some suggestion?
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  1. Amd: (on sale for $100 with email promo code through July 4th) (micro atx, good features and value) (if you need ram)

    Intel: (check craigslist for cpus; my local listing has a used 2500K for $160; new unopened 2600K for only $200. (will accept ivy bridge cpus without a bios flash; for non overclockable cpus like the 2120) 1.5v 1333 ram recommended by Intel)

    If your power supply is a cheap brand or is over three years old, I recommend a new one by antec, ocz, or corsair. Newegg has a corsair for only $25 after rebate.
  2. How about the RAM?

    U can use only DDR3.
  3. nikorr said:
    How about the RAM?

    U can use only DDR3.

    thanx.. i got ddr3 ram with me
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