Is it my GPU???

Hi there,

I am having complete computer restarts when playing games. its all of a sudden and i will get the ""windows did not shut down correctly"" message wehn it restarts.

Happens when i play graphics intensive games.

i have run prime 95 for an hour and CPU temp is 40c, no errors or warning on the blend test.
Used memtest with no warnings or errors
When i use Furmark, using there 1080p preset benchmark it will restart my P.C after about 20 seconds. GPU temp of 80c

When it sahguts down when im gaming the temp can be as low as 60c using afterburners overlay in-game.

I really not sure whats going on here and dont want to fork out £120+ on a new card if this isnt the issue.

Is there anything else i can do? Also, i Play MMO's (Rift) and i can be playing for 8 hours and it wont shut down once. but then the next day it could restart several times after a couple minutes of play time.

Any help is much appreciated.

XFX 9800GTX+ ----- E8400 @ 3.6Ghz ------ 4 gig of corsair XMS2
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  1. What is your PSU?
  2. What's your power supply?
  3. Also try uninstalling your video drivers shutting down and restarting and reinstalling same,,,,check out MAJORGEEKS.COM for some free utility to help clean up with said removal...:)
  4. My PSU is a Storm 600w PSU. model number : LPK19-30
  5. the thing is, if i spend £50 on a PSU and that isnt the problem, then i gotta fork out for a card too...
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