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Radeon Crossfire Overheating issue...

Hello All =D

I've got 2xRadeon HD 6970's crossfired... only problem is they are so close together they heat up quite alot (to counter this I've got AfterBurner to set their fans up to 50% and more (depending on their heat at the time) which is loud as... any ideas on how to cool them down?

by placing a heat resistant plastic square inbetween them they dropped 10 degrees celcius!! which makes them on average 54-67 celcius depending on what I'm doing =P

I dont mind the sound, since I either crank the volume or wear headphones, but I dont feel comfortable leaving the fans running that high all the time (I leave me PC on 24/7... since it doubles as a "game server" for my cousins and friends on multiple games...)

Thankyou for your responses =D

Edit: If need be I will send a photo of what the inside looks like (Its got a few bulky parts that may get in the way of most heatsinks or fans... and the case is a CoolerMaster HAF X so im not sure if I need to put any extra fans =P)
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    A good MOBO would have had the slots spaced out.

    Anyways, 67c is perfectly fine. When it hits 85c is when you want to start worrying. Also, it's a nonissue for a fan to be running at 50% 24/7.
  2. yea, theres another slot but I couldnt get a large enough Crossfire =(
    (Seems like they need to make them more readily available =P)
    I think I'll just focus on cleaning it every so often then =D

    Thanks for your quick response =D (I was noticing you in other threads and figured youd be one of the first here =P)
  3. These cards are safe to 90c so those temps are fine I hade a single 6950 flashed to 6970 and it would hit 80-90c all by itself lol.
  4. Sweet (Now I just gotta find a way to muffle the noise =P)

    Thanks for your answers =D
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