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PC hangs randomly!!

Hi All..My PC gets stuck after playing Alice:Madness Returns for about 2hours. When I restart it immediately it goes past the BIOS setup and gets stuck at the Windows load screen. Then after restarting it again it goes passing the Windows load screen and gets stuck at the welcome screen. And again when I restart it gives out a continuous beep with no display. However the PC runs just as normal after avoiding several hours of use, but the problem continues when I use it for about 2 hours.
My Specs are:
Core i3 2100 @ stock speed
Foxconn H61MXT1/F2-S/-V
2GB DDR3 1333MHz(running @ 1066MHz due to motherboard restrictions)
768MB GTX 460 @ stock speed
750GB Western Digital Caviar Blue
Agiler 600W PSU
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  1. Check your CPU, GPU, and system temps in game; sounds like you are overheating

    CPU/system - HWMonitor or other utility

    GPU - MSI afterburner is good
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    I'd think that's a overheating problem. Download coretemp and let me know the temps that you see there.
  3. I got these info using HWiNFO32 tool while running Splinter Cell Conviction on full graphics just before the PC got stuck again.

    Total CPU Usage: 47.70%
    CPU#0 Core0 Temp: 59.0 °C
    CPU#0 Core1 Temp: 60.0 °C
    Vcore: 1.092 V
    Vccp2: 1.572 V
    +3.3V: 2.772 V
    +12V: 8.928 V
    GPU Temperature: 60.0 °C
    GPU Shader Clock: 1420.0 MHz
    GPU Fan: 40.00%
    GPU Fan RPM: 1650 RPM
  4. The voltage doesn't look good for me, the temps seems fine but we need confirm that info with coretemp for CPU and MSI afterburner for GPU
  5. Yeah I was thinking about the same thing. But when I double checked them in BIOS setup it gave me rather satisfying results.
    VCore Voltage: 1.116V
    DRAM Voltage: 1.572V
    12V: 12.074V
    5V: 5.168V

    Btw, I got those temp readings using a log file which was updated periodically and those were the temp readings at the time of system hang. Does Core Temp or MSI Afterburner support file logging like that? The system wouldn't just hang when it's running normal. I should be able to run a monitoring program in background and monitor the temps while a game is running.
  6. Yeah, both support that log file.

    Do you have the link of your PSU?
  7. Nope..It's not that much of a popular brand. Anyway I tried logging temps using both the apps and the PC gets stuck the very moment I refresh WEI scores (happened each and every time). Then again when I restarted it didn't move past Windows Load Screen. Then I plugged in my GPU and restarted and I was able to get the updated scores of WEI. But when I try to run Splinter Cell Conviction in High settings the game runs smoothly for a while then gets stuck randomly. I'm able to hit Alt+Tab and return to Windows and after waiting for about 10 secs and hitting Alt+Tab back to the game I'm able to play it like for about 10 secs before it gets stuck again.Then I tried reducing the graphics to its default and running it, then it would run longer but same thing happens after sometime. Temp of the GPU didn't go past 60degrees. I'm guessing there's a problem with the motherboard. Any comments about that?
  8. Can you test the GPU in another rig?
  9. Alright..Tested it today and it's working perfectly. Doesn't make the system get stuck or anything. Passes all the tests run by WEI.
  10. Alice is a horribly buggy game.


    But I'm sure it's the PSU.
  11. ^Now that you know that the GPU works fine in another rig, the main problem could be the PSU as amdfangirl says.
  12. Can't be..Cuz I tested it on my old pc using the very same PSU. However someone suggested that it might be a problem with my RAM. Is it possible?
  13. Well, you can test with another RAM and let us know the results
  14. Yes. But is it likely to happen something like that? usually it gives beeps when there's something wrong with the ram. Anyway I asked one of my friends to check it, I'll let you people know about it when I get back the results. Thank you for all the trouble you guys took.
  15. I got a replacement for my motherboard (Foxconn H67M V2.0) and still the problem remains. Guess it wasn't a problem with the motherboard after all. Only the RAM and the casing are left for testing now. Anybody suspect it's the RAM?
  16. 95% likely to be a PSU problem. Get a PSU with equal wattage from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, or another brand made by any of those companies and test it.

    The agiler PSUs are impossible to find reviews for, nigh impossible to even find the stated wattage for, they have higher amps on the 3.3v and the 5v than they do on the 12vs, and extremely cheap.

    That is like the 4 worst things possible to have in a PSU.

    I would almost bet money that a good PSU would fix everything immediately.

    - Edit - Trying the same PSU in a much worse PC isn't a good test of anything. The hardware in the newer PC and the stress from the Alice game puts much more demand on the PSU than a much older game running on much older hardware will (call this 99% likely). Either put the same PSU in a better PC and run a more stressful game on it or put a better PSU in the PC with the problems. Those are the only two tests that will rule out the PSU being the problem.

    - Edit 2 - I just wanted to throw it out there that any time the PSU is an afterthought in a computer, its probably to blame for problems with the computer. In this case, the OP listed it last after things like RAM, Hard Drive, etc. Most people put things they think are more important toward the top of lists they make barring a good reason not to. Properly ranked a PSU should be at least one of the first 3 or 4 components in any component listing.
  17. the problem is still there people :( still i feel like it aint a prob with the PSU coz i removed the GPU and it continues to happen. once in a while it runs all ok and when i shut down and keep it without using for a couple of hours it gets stuck when its switched back on. only the ram and the processor is left for testing now..
  18. Best answer
    Test RAM 1st.
  19. did a test using errors were found. should i plug it in to someone elses pc?
  20. Yep, test it in another rig.
  21. alright..btw, again at times when i press the power button it fails to at least to power up. power comes,stays for a while and goes away. should press it several times to keep it alive and when its alive it gets stuck somewhere in the middle probably. i tested the casing even thoroughly today. fixed up another motherboard and ran for a day without any problem. does it really sound like a problem with the ram? im clueless
  22. the processor might be responsible for getting stuck with weird artefacts on the monitor at times though..
  23. hey everyone.. the problem was with the RAM. kinda weird to see that a RAM would result in failing to start a PC though..I used another RAM module for 1 whole day and the PC didnt have any problem at all. Thanks everyone for all the help
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