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I'm pretty new at building computers so a few of these may be "basic" questions, but I'd appreciate getting an opinion from you the wise!

I'm going to be using an Intel i5 processor.

What I Want In A Motherboard
I'm looking for best gaming potential as well as the ability to expand long term, if that's possible.
The ability to place larger fans on top of the CPU (assuming that helps lifespan as well as performance)
HDMI (as long as its better on the motherboard)
At least 1 USB 3.0
RAID capability
PCIe 2.0

Which do you think are the best for $100 motherboards and $200 motherboards?

(second post)

We decided to not do a RAID set-up. We are going to have a 60GB SSD Hardrive to put the OS and some other programs that I would run frequently. We would then have a 7200 RPM Terabyte HDD for regular files.

I think I've found a card. Its on the more pricier side but according to newegg, its got some pretty darn good reviews and few duds/mess ups. However I cant tell if it has an audio controller... [...] 6814150506

In terms of RAM I'm pretty sure I was going to take Corsair as well. Heard great things about it just like you. I was thinking about getting 8gb of RAM and potentially OC it as well considering you haven't had any troubles with it.

I should keep mentioning that I'm looking for a computer that will last me 5 years.

More jumbled questions, but we are finally picking parts! Hope this narrows down what I was looking for and helps with any other suggestions you might have! Thanks for the welcome as well
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  1. Broken link for the card.
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