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Asus M5A97 no display?

Hi, I recently installed a new mobo, the Asus m5a97. After checking everything is installed and plugged in correctly I went to boot the pc. First of all there was no image being displayed on my monitor, secondly there were no beeps from the onboard speaker. Its now clear somethings wrong. I have removed everything but the psu, mobo and cpu. Still nothing, ive tried switching ram around. Nothing. For some reason the psu I was using suddenly died and would only turn on for half a second before turning off again. Im now using another psu but still no go. Can anyone help me?? Thanks in advance.

System specs
Cpu: AMD athlon II x4 640
Gpu: nvidia PNY geforce gtx 550 ti
Mobo: asus m5a97
Current psu: ACE 550 watt

Anything else you need to know just ask :)

Also I know there are already a few posts about this but they have been no help.

Thanks again
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    hey woody,
    i had the same problem when i installed my M5A99X EVO mobo.
    i will post the trouble shooting list i used.
    i got everything working by removing the video card, then taking out the battery and clearing the CMOS with the jumper pins. and then starting over.
    i hope you get lucky like i did... if not, maybe try the other suggestions on the list
    below. Good Luck !

    1 the power LED is on

    1.1 Make sure all cables are connected well

    1.2 Please clear CMOS to have a try(refer to motherboard manual for details)

    1.3 Keep the necessary components ( a CPU, a memory, a graphic card )on board to test

    1.4 If there is still blank screen, please connect the connector of speaker to check if there is any beeps

    1.4.1 If there is no beep, please contact your retailer for a check

    1.4.2 If there is beep, please try to judge from the beep code as the following steps, if the problem still remains after the troubleshooting, please contact your retailer for a check. Memory issue: Beep (1 long 2 short)

    A Clean the Golden Finger of memory

    B Clean the memory slots

    C Leave only one memory stick to test

    D If convenient, please change different memory to test again Graphics card issue: Beep (1 long 3 short)

    A. Clean the Golden Finger of graphics card

    B. Clean the graphics card slots

    C. Try to test the onboard graphics card if there is onboard VGA integrated

    D. If convenience, please change different graphic cards to test again CPU issue: Beep (5 short)

    A. Check whether the CPU is in our CPU support list

    B. Check whether there are any damagers of your CPU or CPU socket.

    C. .Check whether the CPU fan is correctly connected

    D. Check whether the ATX_12V power cable is connected well

    E. If possible try to test with another CPU

    1.5 If the PC could POST after the troubleshooting as the steps 1.3, please plug components back one by one to find out which one may cause this problem

    2 the power LED is off

    2.1 Make sure the power cable which connects to the front panel is well

    2.2 Please swap a power supply for a try if possible.

    2.3 If the problem still remains, please contact your retailer for a check.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply but sadly the problem is still not fixed :( thanks anyways
  3. Dont worry problem fixed thanks again! :D
  4. Glad to hear it woody. just for future reference , in case someone else has a similar problem- what was the problem, and how did you find it and fix it ?
  5. Basically, being my first motherboard change I didnt realise that a 4 pin connector could be plugged into an 8 pin socket to power the mobo. So basically I forgot to plug in a wire. :pfff:
  6. i have the same problem wen i restart my PC there is no signal to the monitor i hav to take off the PC for 5-10mins before i can boot it up again and only then it comes on how do I fix this problem x.x?
  7. I fixed mine by plugging a cable into the mobos 8 pin socket, I forgot to do this upon installation. Not sure about your problem though
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