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I am weighing memory upgrade options on recently purchased HP XW4600. The spec sheet makes it sound quite restrictive on what kinds of memory you can put in there.

"PC2-5300E DDR2-667 ECC Unbuffered or PC2-6400E DDR2-800 ECC Unbuffered RAM DIMMs
Only Error Checking and Correcting unbuffered DDR2 DIMMs are supported and must be either x8 or
x16 width. Memory upgrades are accomplished by adding DIMMs of the same or varied sizes. The Intel
chipset supports both PC2-5300 DDR2-667 and the PC2-6400E DDR2-800 ECC unbuffered memory. It
is suggested to not mix ECC and non-ECC memory."

So all I use my computer for is music, photos, Excel and video games.

How much do I need to worry about these specs and which ones are more important than others? They even seem to indicate that non-ECC chips will work in that last sentence.

x8 or x16 width?
ECC or non-ECC?
Buffered or Unbuffered?
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  1. still looking for help here. Thanks.
  2. I can confirm that DDR2 PC2- 6400P ECC Server RAM does not work.

    You can only use PC2-6400E DDR2-800 (or 667) ECC Unbuffered RAM DIMM

    You can only use non-ECC if you use no more than 2 x 1Gb chips any more than that must be ECC.

  3. At least I know now not to try and upgrade the memory on this machine. Very expensive to find that kind of RAM.

    I might have held out for an 8GB machine if I'd known...eh, probably wouldn't have wanted to pay the difference...
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