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Upgrade from 5850 worth it?

I play really intensive games like Metro 2033, Crysis1 & 2, Bad Company 2 at 1920x1200, so I need a card that's plenty fast. With my 5850 I find myself turning settings down a notch or two to get them to run at all smoothly. Turns out I also have a non-reference so I can't screw around with the voltage. A friend of mine is building a new computer and said he'd be interested in buying my card from me for ~$160.

So I was thinking of selling it to him, and picking up either a GTX560 Ti or a 6950. Think its worth the money? It looks like its going to be ~$50-$100 for the upgrade, after selling my current card. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    If you can sell a used 5850 for $160, do it (don't know if I'd consider you a good friend afterward, though since I can get a new one for right around the same price!).

    If you're looking to get a consistently noticeable increase in performance (25%+), you need to graduate to the GTX 570, GTX 580, Radeon 6950 or Radeon 6970:

    If you can't go there, I'd suggest saving for a little longer.
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  3. Thanks, I've decided not to sell. To make the upgrade worth it I'd have to charge more than I would be comfortable doing ($160 was even quite a lot). I'll probably wait and try crossfiring my 5850.
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