First build ( i got a good deal)

Hey guys well I got this deal package from a friend I spend 650 for all of it

Here are the specs

Intel 2500k Sandy Bridge , Quard Core 3.3ghz(Turbo to 3.7ghz)
MSI GD55 P67A Motherboard
8GB G-Skill 1600 Ram
ATI 6950 2Gb Graphics card (Can be flashed to 6970, haven't had a need to)
Antec 300 Case
OCZ Fatl1ty 550W Power Supply
23" Acer Monitor (No dead pixels, fast response time at 2ms)
1TB Samsung Spinpoint Hard Drive
DVD Burner
G500 Mouse
G110 Keyboard
G13 Gamepad
Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick
Fatal1ty Headset
PureTrak Talent Mousepad
Windows 7 Professional Pre-loaded

IS this a good deal? Or do I need to return it?

Will this run crysis 2 at maxed out?

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. 650 what?
  2. $650 dollars for all these. IS that good?
  3. That's pretty darn good. Of course, it's too bad that he didn't overclock the CPU as well, but I guess it's running with the stock cooler or something.
  4. I was thinking of overclocking it myself. But i dont know how. Sucks
    But this is a pretty good deal right?
    SHould I buy a new graphic card or is this good enough?

  5. he practically gave it to you. go play some games.
  6. Your friends obviously owes some dealers and they want paying lol,
    the build is awesome, go read some overclocking guides like the ones on toms overclocking section,
    enjoy and laugh your socks off for the next two years at least
  7. You spent your money wise :)
    The only thing I think you'll need to change is your PSU - 550W is not enough for this system, but even then the price is very good.
  8. ^ you crazy pepe. 550W is plenty for that system, no need to buy another PSU unless he wants to add another 6950. The OCZ Fatl1ty may not be the best, but it's decent enough.
  9. I might even copy and paste that build into the sticky up top hehe :P
    (but only at $650)
  10. If I had a 'friend' who sold me a computer with a 'B2' motherboard without telling me about it ....

    He wouldn't be my friend, anymore.
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