Is this a good gaming build?

Is this a good budget gaming rig build? Some guy suggested it to me.

DVD Burner - $21

New gen i7 core - $315
8GB RAM 1600MHz - $75

GTX 560 TI: Excellent video card - $225-$20 Rebate

Case - $50 (go for the blue one)

Motherboard with USB3.0 - $130

Power supply 650W - $90

1TB Western Digital Black (Elite) hard drive - $90

Total cost: $996.00 shipped (Amazon has free shipping on this order) with a -$20 Mail in Rebate on the video card.
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  1. none of your links are currently working. could you please fix that, to allow us to help you better?
  2. Woah thanks man will fix in a sec.
  3. They should work now
  4. thanks
  5. With changes that Ps3hacker12 lists you are in good shape on the build. I do see that you are looking to use this as a gaming machine; if that is the case then you might want to think about stepping down to the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K. The reason to step down is that very few games can take advantage of more than 3 threads. Because of this the value of hyper-threading which is the main difference between the Intel Core i7-2600K and then Intel Core i5-2500K has little value in a gaming environment. So it comes down to 100MHz for $100 which isn’t very good value.

    Also while the Intel Core i5-2500K and Intel Core i7-2600K do come with HSF (heatsink/fan) that will work fine at stock speeds if you are going to overclock them you are going to want to add a better cooling solution.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  6. Wow, you guys really know your technology. I'll probably make some revision and make a new post later.
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