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Consolidating my system for college

Hello everyone!

So I may be going away to college soon, and being frank, my Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case my not be the most practical. Even if I do not decide to go away to college It would still be nice to have a smaller case. I was seriously considering the Cooler Master Elite 343, which at only 40$ is pretty awesome. I would like to keep most of my components though, maybe taking away some HDD's and cramming the data onto my two other ones. I was wondering a few things about the case itself

Will the case fit my Cooler Master Hyper N520 at all?
Will the case be able to fit my reference HIS Radeon 6950 without removing the cages? (I guess I could consolidate the HDDs, so not a big deal)
How is the airflow in the case? I have an 80mm fan to put in the back (I also have a blue LED 120mm in my Thermaltake that I want to replace the regular 120mm fan with)
I have a M4A785-M board which I am confident will fit. I also have 2 optical drives, which I am sure will fit because there are 2 bays.
I also would like to know if the case is overall a very good case. If you have any other suggestions to Micro-ATX cases I should try don't hesitate, I just need it to fit all my stuff.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Here are the rest of my specs, they did not seem to show on the signature (I'm sort of a noob here at Tom's)

    -Phenom II 965 BE (OC to 3.8)
    -Cooler Master Hyper N520
    -ASUS M4A785-M
    -HIS ATi Radeon 6950 2GB
    -Wintec AMPX DDR2 2048 RAM (x2)
    -WD Caviar Black 500GB (x2)
    -Samsung 320GB HDD (7200?)
    -WD Caviar LE 200GB (7200?)
    -Ultra LSP 750w PSU
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    Fractal Designs Arc Mini and be done with it, one of the best value Micro ATX cases when you take in to account build quality currently avaialbe at its price point
  3. I'm not sure if my mobo will actually support that many fans, since for some reason when they made this board they decided they will only put one 3-pin connector on it, which currently is being used by the CM Hyper N520. Is there some sort of splitter or something because I really am leaning towards that case not that you mention it. Maybe there is some sort of 4-pin molex to 3-pin or something
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