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MotherBoard Memory Compatibility


Can this motherboard ASRock Z77E-ITX support 2x8gb sticks of ram (16gb RAM)?

Im planning to build a mini itx gaming rig. just dont know if it will work or not.

If it does work will Corsiar Vengence 2x8 Memory work for it?

Additional Details

Link to it- - Intel-_-ASRock-_-13157312

It does have only 2 ram slots
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  1. Memory
    Number of Memory Slots - 2×240pin

    Memory Standard
    DDR3 2800+(OC)/2400(OC)/2133(OC)/1866(OC)/1600/1333/1066

    Maximum Memory Supported - 16GB

    Channel Supported - Dual Channel
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    2x8GB will work fine too.
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