HAF 932 or Corsair 650D?

I have been looking around for a case to replace my Thermaltake full tower and I wanted to know if anyone has any of these cases? If so, how is the cooling and cable management? I plan on OC'ing my CPU and GPU

My specs are:

i5 2500K
Hyper 212+
2x PNY GTX 560 Ti SLI
Corsair HX850
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    I don't have neither but it depends what your priority is.

    The HAF 932 is a pretty good case, so is the Corsair 650D. If are you looking for an extremely solid case made out of the best metal available to make cases out of, the Corsair 650D is your friend. If you want style go for the HAF 932. The Corsair 650D is a really cool case too though.

    I prefer the Corsair 650D, but due to money, the HAF 932 is cheaper, so I would get the HAF 932, but if money isn't an issue go with the Corsair 650D no doubt.

    The Corsair 650D is an extremely solid case, will never give you problems. I have a friend with the HAFX, which is almost like the 932, but better, he loves it. I know people with Corsair 650D's too, they love their's too.

    Wait the Corsair 650D is like almost 200 dollars, if you want to spend that much, why not go for the HAFX, rather than the HAF 932? Between the 932 and the corsair 650D, corsair 650D is better. Corsair 650D and the HAFX are both good, but if I have the money, I would get Corsair 650D. The only reason you wouldn't get the Corsair 650D is because it's too expensive.

    Basically if you can afford it, go for the Corsair 650D, if not go for the HAF 932 or HAFX. Money is the only factor standing between you and those cases I believe.
  2. haf x or 932 are full tower so it prob give you little more room to work with and corsair obsidian 650d is mid tower so it's up to your preference pick what u like most and fit your style
  3. the obsidian 650d is a big mid tower though.
  4. I think a 600T is more than enough. It isn't a full tower, but it sure can handle a lot of components. IMO full towers are not necessary (unless they are cheap, like the NZXT Phantom) unless you will be running more than 2 GPUs, several CPUs (applies to workstations though), an extensive liquid cooling system (or just liquid cooling in general), and so on. Even the 400R and 500R are fine. If you only have the HAF 932 and 650D as the only options, I would get the 932 simply because it's cheaper AND it's a full tower. Not a fan of it's look though :p
  5. I have a coolermaster HAF x and it is huge, the build quality is top notch, the cable routing is great so the case looks very tidy on the inside.

    It also runs very cool because of the large fans and is not too loud.
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