Virus/Key logger/ can't uninstall older javas/cant find it

Hi, just had a virus this week, it was the fake windows, after the trojan/virus I get this message from my virus scanners picking up java as a trojan Exploit:Java some error code, I looked it up and they said I need to remove old files. Exploit:Java/CVE-2009-3867 is the detection for a malicious Java applet that exploits the vulnerability described in CVE-2009-3867. The problem is everyone says just remove it from control pannel uninstall, that doesn't work. Java isn't even listed in there.

In my Java folder I have two folders, jre1.6.0_16 dated 2002 no idea how thats possible!!!! harddrive installed 2008!

and jre6 was 3 days ago when I installed the newest Java.

Why can't I see to uninstall it? I am the only one who uses my PC and I am admin on it. I really need to get cleaning on. I remember when I was running XP I could see all my Java versions installed, I hate windows 7 I can't even see Java installed.

Thanks M
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  1. I use a program called Revo Uninstaller. It works great at getting rid of everything from a program, even the stuff the built in uninstallers left behind.
    This prob. isn't a fault of Windows, it is most likely that the installer is missing or corrupt.
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