Looking a graphics card,

Hello, I am getting a terrible power supply with the parts i am getting to build my first build. Its basically a i3 sandybridge with eagle 550W power supply like here:

and i am considering getting a decent casual gaming card and i was looking at a Geforce 240 but it said it required atleast 18A on the 12V rails which the power supply only has 17 i think.
could anyone suggest some good cards i could get working on this?
i cant get it changed again so i am either gonna have to find a card that is okay with it or be stuck with intel hd graphics 2000.
So please can anyone give me some help? ATI or nvidia, no preferences.
Thanks in advance
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  1. I would get another power supply, as the one you have now is a terrible one, and could short everything else! But, if you want to take the chance, you could check out a 5670, the most powerful card that doesn't require a PCI cable: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102871&cm_re=5670-_-14-102-871-_-Product
    Very cheap, gets the job done in dx11 style. Watch for rebates, as with rebates those things drop to as low as $50.
    As I said before, I would really try and replace that power supply.
  2. You have 31A on 12Vs, so you'll be fine.
  3. yeah you will likely be fine with a 240 but it is def recommended that you buy a new psu ASAP, that is, if you value the rest of the components in your rig in the least bit, which im sure you do
  4. replace your psu before you get a new graphics card.
  5. 5670 as striker410 said, or the newer 6670 are very good cards for almost every game out there.
  6. Not the worst, but not good at all. I'd use onboard and replace the PSU.

    You have 31A on 12Vs, so you'll be fine.

    How'd you figure that out. You didn't just add the 14A and 17A together did you? You do realize that you can't do that right? I'd bet money that if the OP takes the side of the case off and looks at his PSU he won't be able to find the info needed to determine how much power is on the 12V rail at all. Low end companies do that.
  7. shrkbay said:
    You have 31A on 12Vs, so you'll be fine.

    The +12V1@14A and +12V2@17A figures is maximum current that that can be drawn from each rail on its own but not concurrently.

    The maximum combined +12 Volt DC output on the Eagle Tech ET-PSVT550E is 228 Watts (i.e. 19 Amps).

    Compare that to a reputable name brand 550 Watt power supply that is able to provide 41 Amps continuously on its combined +12 Volt rails.

    Those Eagle Tech power supply units really are horrible.
  8. ^Sry guys, it redirected me to another PSU and i looked it had 31A
  9. Thanks for all the responses guys, i decided to use a 300W power supply i had around from a older computer since i decided to stick to the onboard for now, i saw so much reviews that the eagle PSUs arrive dead or die after a week or month , i dont want to try it in the system. of course the 300W cant take a graphics card either but i am gonna get a new PSU before considering a graphics card:D Should get the rig tomorrow and see how it goes.
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