Whats a case that will suit me well?

I need a quiet case that can have all its case fans run quietly while I am sleeping when the cpu is at med or max load. I also need good airflow. I might go for a 2-way SLI, but because of my tight budget, 1 gpu will do good for now.

I was thinking about the HAF 922, Antec DF-35 or 30, Antec 900 (the v3 version too), Corsair carbide, or NZXT phantom.

I am going for the NZXT phantom if I can find a good deal on it, if not I am leaning towards the HAF 922. My budget is like 100-110 max for a case.

Any HAF 922 users here? I need to know if it's quiet enough to run when you are sleeping near it. It looks like a good solid case to me.

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  1. i know from experience the antec fans and cooler master 200M (not their 120m) make less noise then the nzxt or corsair. I replaced all the fans in my corsair case with antec and enermax TB silence fans, case runs silent now.

    the HAF 922 is a great case and since everyone has a different definition of silent; I would say get the case since you like it but be prepared to change the 120m rear fan in it (or just unplug it).
  2. I only have personal experience with a couple of cases.
    My 902 has 8 fans running in it and it's quieter then my CM 690II with 6 running fans.
    Don't how much light bothers you but most of the cases you've listed will have some leds you can't turn off.
  3. IDC about LED that I can turn on or off, I can put a chair or a pillow in front of it. I have had experience with the Antec tri-cool 80mm fan with the 3-speed switch. The max speed to the fan is too loud. The med speed is okay, it's tolerable. The noise level at medium with the fan is 24 dBA and at max it is 30 dBA. With a HAF 922 case, with all the holes from the mesh, I am sure the fans will be louder than expected.

    I could get a Lian Li case with like 2 fans, plug both out and replace it with all silent fans. Would you do that or do you rather get the HAF 922 case and replace all fans?

    Its a bit pricy for me, but ill find a good deal of this somewhere maybe. But I would say the HAF 922 looks more solid am i correct?
  4. same case (minus the window) but $40 cheaper with its free shipping, that goes a long way to silent fans

    I would personally get a Lian-li over a CM case but cases are mostly about looks. so if you are set on the 922, get it.
  5. I would get that Cooler Master Haf 922. I have the 912 and I love it!
  6. I would get a case and just use a fan controller to turn the fans down at night when its cooler and idle. That way you don't need to worry about noise.
  7. From my experience, with open grilled front panels(Like the 900), the hard drives can be the "Loud" part with all other fans set to min. I never had issues with cooling on the Antec 900 with all fans at low. In the end, I even took out all but the top and back fan without any temperature issue.

    The 902 seems(as long as your heat sink is not oddly positioned, you even have a place for a side 120mm fan for your video cards/chipset) like a good bet, but i have never had any coolermaster cases to compare to.

    My Fractal Define R2 is far quieter then anything else I have(With 2 140mm thermalright fans @ 700rmps and a 600rpm cpu fan the 2 stock fans at the front take care of drive cooling, but the 900 cools drives better without front fans then the R2 does with fans), but it(R2) does not cool as well.

    My board controls all fans. This makes it speed then up as needed.
  8. Hmm I might for for a lian-li and just change out the fans. I'm just waiting for a HAF922 owner to give me some insight.
  9. Is this lian li any good? It comes with silent fans.

    I think the HAF is still better looking though, and it looks more solid. the plastic on the lian li looks sorta filmsy.
  10. Well, I have 2 HAF 922s and 2 HAF 932s.
    The cases are absolutely flabbergasting. Awesome is a tad mildly put for those cases.
    I never had any problems with the sound of the fans since they are as good as not audible at all. They're Low RPM High Airflow Fans, you don't want then whirling at 1200 to 1600 RPM at all, at those speeds you'll have a flying case.
    The case(s) are sturdy, heavy and easy to clean.
    The Front panel LED can be switched off but it never bothered me.
    Good cable management options and really cool on the desktop. I'd hate to put one down on the floor.
    I actually even removed the side panel fan from one of the HAF 932's and put it into the side panel of the HAF 922 just to make myself feel cooler than the rig.
    All the fans are plugged onto the Mobo which never allows them to reach 100% peak power 'cos it's never needed even though I'm OC'ed to 4GHz on the 965BE.
  11. If this HAF 922 is like a distance of 15 feet away from you, are you able to sleep with it without being bothered? My antec tri cool fans are annoying. It used to be okay on medium speed, now it is a bit annoying. The max speed on the tri cool fan is just too loud for me.
  12. I found a lian li k62. It comes with all silent fans.

    Anyone know any idea about this case? Would this be better than the HAF 922?
  13. I've never set my tri-cools above low and my interior and components measure in the the low to mid 30's C max.
  14. i have a hp pc that had its cpu fan busted. I just switched the fan with a antec tri cool fan. I might buy a pwm fan to replace it and then put that tri cool fan on the new case.
  15. hello? anyone there.
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    Didn't we tell you. you can't run the HAF fans on Max..... they're too big to run on full. I have it 3 Feet from me while I sleep and I can't hear a sound from it.
    My PSU fan must be louder than the HAFs fans. At 15Feet you'll not even know that the rigs in the same room as you.
  17. Okay thanks so much. Final question. I found a lian li k62 case. It looks really nice and some people tell me to go with this case.

    Would you recommend that case over the HAF 922? Idk what to go with. I want to go with the case that will give me best performance and nice aesthetics to go along with it.
  18. hello? would the lian li k62 case be any better than the HAF 922
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