Need a Video Card For an HTPC

Looking for a video card to use on an HTPC I am building (running Ubuntu). Heres what I would like in it:

-I would prefer nVidia. I know back in the day when using linux, driver support for nvidia was better. If that has changed feel free to enlighten me.
-I will be playing HD media, blu-rays, etc..
-Price range is about $100. I would prefer less but I'm flexible enough to go more if need be.
-Must have an HDMI output (obviously?)
-Pcie 2.0 x16
-It will be used on a 40" 1080p LED LCD Sharp TV.

I will be using it in conjunction with an AMD X2 3GHz CPU, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, Gigabyte board. I was looking at the GTS 450 but my main issue is not knowing what differentiates a video card between being good for gaming and being good for HD playback. I will not be playing any games on this in case you were wondering.

EDIT: I should probably mention that I dont want this thing sounding like a jet engine. The last card I got is loud as hell.
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  1. Well, the low cost/HTPC GPU market is currently dominated by ATI. What is the wattage on your PSU? Do you have a PCI 6 pin connector? I can be more helpful if you can answer these questions.
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    If you don't plan on doing much gaming (judging by your choice of operating system), then I would just go with a cheep, modern AMD card. An HTPC should typically be small and quiet. Hardware muscle isn't usually a concern. A Radeon HD 64xx or 65xx would probably be a good fit.
  3. Too bad you didn't go with a Core i3-2100T/H67, It would be much faster and you wouldn't need a video card, plus it's only 35w.
  4. Im using parts from my current computer to build this HTPC. Then moving my current video card to the computer that I am building in a couple weeks.

    Power supply is not an issue I can make sure whatever I get will work.

    Can anyone comment on any kind of progress being made in terms of AMD driver support for Ubuntu?

    EDIT: So something like this:

    Would without a doubt play back HD content without any kind of lag or choppiness? Assuming no other hardware/software is the culprit of course.
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