Ecollegepc request.. or should I say, challenge

This is what I need. Not want, but need:

A desktop from ecollegepc that has:

i5 2500 (not k because I don't plan on overclocking, since I am an oc noob)
SLI motherboard (plan on SLIing in the future)
PSU that will support 2x 580
case that can fit 2x 580
CD Drive/HD

All of this for around 500 dollars. I am probably going to buy the GPU (a 580) from newegg because all ecollegepc can give me is one from a "major brand".. nothing specific.

If someone could pick good parts out for me, since I have no idea what mobo is best for SLI or what PSU is good, I would be eternally thankful.
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  1. Your budget is going to severely limit your options here. Why this source (ecollegepc)?
  2. I have a bad experience building, I usually fry something. I can, however, but in the videocard/ram just fine. My budget can go to 600 and the mobo doesnt need to be top notch.
  3. So, you want a shell of a PC with no GPU or memory for $600 with a decent PSU and case?

    For SLId 580s, you need solid PSU (check this link...

    3.3Ghz Intel Core i5-2500 6MB Cache Quad-Core
    Stock Intel LGA1155 Heatsink and Fan
    GIGABYTE GA-H67M-D2-B3 (Intel H67, HDMI, 2xPCI-E, 6xSATA, 2xDDR3)
    500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA300 (Major Brand)
    22X LG SATA Dual Layer DVD+/-RW/CDRW w/Nero
    Antec Black Nine Hundred (6 5.25, 6 3.5) 4 Fans, Audio/USB/1394
    850watt Corsair CMPSU-850TX V2
    Onboard LAN included
    Onboard Sound included
    Wires and Cables neatly tied up away from fans
    3 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty
    692.00 692.00

    Probably the "least" you can go with from your desired site. Way more than $600.
  4. I am going to buy a 580 from newegg and install it myself. but thanks for your build, i will check it out.
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