CPU fan not spinning

So I'm rebuilding my system after a failed hardware install (DRM issues) and I couldn't help noticing that throughout the entire process, the CPU fan never spun up. My case has two heat sensors. One normally resides just within the case and it's reading around 84f. The other sensor is placed between the fins of my HSF and it's currently reading around 102f.

The system is fully operational (in that it boots up and it ran through WindowsUpdate from a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate install without issue). Now we're talking about one hour for all the updates to download and install (nevermind the actual Windows 7 installation time). My system hasn't had a single hiccup this evening and again, the CPU fan hasn't spun up once.

The motherboard is an ASRock 760GM-GS3.
The processor is an AMD Athlon II X2-240

I was wondering if there was some way of either testing the CPU or the motherboard's CPU-FAN port. I do not have any spare components to use.


-Wolf queries


I would note that this system is strictly an HTPC and I was just trying to install a Ceton Corp InfiniTV4 Tuner Card.
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  1. OK. Nevermind.

    Upon crash and reboot into BIOS, the CPU temp actually read 217f (102.8C). Whether the processor/motherboard is alive or not, I don't know, but I'll sacrifice my server as my new HTPC until I can rebuild.

    However, if anyone knows of a way to test the motherboard in the meantime...

    -Wolf sends
  2. Did you plug the 3 pin cable onto the MOBO.... Common mistake. Also you can try to bread board. I wouldn't buy any MOBO by any one else from ASUS MSI or GIGA-BYTE because that is what happens...
  3. This isn't a new build. I built this system almost a year ago. It's been running fine up until a couple weeks ago when I woke up and found it turned off. I wasn't using it at the time, so I just left it off for a few days. When I did turn it back on, over a week ago, there were no problems. It wasn't until last night (when going to install the ceton card) that I noticed that the fan wasn't spinning after power up.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: And yes, I did check the 3-Pin power plug. Its still plugged in.
  4. Your processor is way too hot. I hope you didn't burn it. What cooler do you use for it? It looks as your CPU cooling is not proper, not even close to. maybe your CPU cooler detached itself. I'd say - remove it and attach again.
  5. It may be a bad CPU fan or the 3 pin slot could be dead (which is rare) dod you try a different CPU fan buy a different cpu fan try that if it doesn't spin still then it's a bad 3 pin slot, and who knows the 3pin slot cable not be in all the way try replugging it in and out.
  6. I'll play with that system at a later date. Maybe it's recoverable and maybe it isn't. What I was really looking for was a way to determine if the fan had just gone bad (stock HSF for the processor) or if the motherboard's CPU Fan port died.

    -Wolf sends
  7. You may check your 3pin port with any 3pin fan - not necesaryl one, dedicated to be used in a cpu cooler, you probably have more as one 3pin fan in your system.
  8. achutally they make PSU 3 pin connectors buy one hook one up to a PSU hook the fan to it, see if it spins if not it's the cooler if it doesn;t it is the cooler, Usually CPU coolers aren't faulty or a 3 pin connector but I belive it is the 3 pin connector if this has happened once.
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