New Psu = New problems

I have an Acer Aspire M3300. So today I recieved a ThermalTake 850w psu and a Diamond Radeon 6870. I installed the new things with no problem, but not the display will not work and my keyboard will not work. (USB). I have both 6 pin connectors connected to the 6870, the 24 pin and 4 pin connected to the motherboard. The hard drives are connected. Every fan in the case works, including the graphics card's fan. The only connector I left was a 4 pin connector that comes from the front of the case, I'm pretty sure its for the micro SD slots.

Any clue on what I did wrong?
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  1. Did you delete the old GPU in device manager before shutting down to install the new one?
  2. I just tried putting the old one in, but the display still won't work.
  3. With your old PSU or with the new one?
  4. Both, last time I tried
  5. So it is no longer a card issue rather a motherboard issue. Check your BIOS whether it has defaulted over to onboard graphics if you have one, then set your primary as PCIe.
  6. Monitor still has no signal, will probably give my pc to my neighbour that's an IT specialist
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