Windows 8 installation reboot loop

I just finished building my computer. Clean SSD and HDD.

I boot on USB with Win 8 in it.

I go through with it, installing on partitioned first and after failing that on unallocated space.

Both ways result in the installer preparing files, going through everything fine. Then at the end of that window my computer restarts and starts the whole set up all over again.

I can install Windows 8 in my SSD, right?
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  1. I figured it out..

    I had to pull out the bootable USB out when it restarted because it would boot from the USB with Win8 again and again.
  2. I was having the same problem. Thanks very much for posting when you found a solution!
  3. Yeh, that's what forums are for.

    Felt silly didn't it?
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