Power supply enough for Radeon 5750?

Hey all, I'm thinking about replacing my failing graphics card with the xfx Radeon 5750. On the website it says minimum 450W required, I have a 375 power supply from Dell. Other specs are :

Intel Core 2CPU: 6400 @ 2.13 Ghz
Memory (ram): 2046MB
32bit Operating system

Will I have enough power to scrape by..? Also the main game I play is league of legends, if that has any bearing on this subject..
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  1. You'll be fine. That 375W PSU from dell is a monster. Nearly all the power is available on the 12V rail. The 5750 is rated at 76W, so unless the rest of your system is using 300W you'll be ok.
  2. cool i got it for about 100 bux with tax included. works great so far
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