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Hey there currently having issues with my cpu temp mainly idle. Basically its idling between 44-47c however load temps seem fine 66-69c. I have it oc'd to 3.2 - 1.25 vcore ran prime 95 for 2 hours never exceeded 69c anyways specs this cpu came out an gateway fx 01e its an i7 920 c0 bloomfield.

On the cooling part i have the khuler 920 it gets better temps with pumping air in rather than out.
I have arctic silver applied reseated mutiple time i have it nice and tight.
Anyways i was just wondering if anyone has encountered this before i was planing on replacing it otherwise friend told me its probably an uneven chip?

antec khuler 920
Corsair 700 gs psu
x58 Sabertooth
i7 920 3.2 1.25 vcore
12 gb vengeance ram
intel 120 gb ssd
400gb extra hdd
GTX 560 ti fpb
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  1. Hmmm Is your air flow consistent in the case? meaning all going back to front... bottom to top...

    I run a Corsair H50 on my i7-2600K @ 4.0, I've reset all the fans in the Antec 600 case to move air back to front bottom to top. My temp on the CPU cores idles between 30c and 34c and in game up to 49C, I ran Prime 95 and got it up to about 60C...

    are both the fans working correctly on the kuhler?
  2. those temps are about right--i have i7-920 at 4.2ghz 1.3v with h50 cooler and idle at 45c and 67c under load in a well cooled haf x case
  3. Yes its wierd i have another i7 920 3.36 D0 and it runs idles of 35-37 yet loads are 69-71 anyways hopefully the chip isnt about to die?
  4. should be fine--i have been running mine for a year with no problems at those temps

    i guess every chip is slightly different--i have seen people needing 1.4v or 1.45v to break 4ghz yet mine does 4.2ghz on 1.3v
  5. temps are fine. intels are allowed higher temps. My bro's gets into the mid 70's with his i7 970, although he is running stock cooling with a 4.5GHz OC. Pay attention to your voltage, as this will be more of an issue. Do some research on your case fan arrangement as well.
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