Mobo Upg - Need help.

Hey Community,

I currently am running a i7 920 on my Gigabyte EX58-UD3R. I am trying to upgrade my ram and a new motherboard but I'm looking for a good mobo that will support what I am trying to do.

Here is my current set-up.

Core i7 920 - OC to 4.2ghz
H100 Corsair Water Cooling Unit
Mobo - EX58-UD3R
DD3 6gb of Patriot 1600 ram
240 gb Kingston HyperX SSD - currently using it at Sata 2 since this mobo has no Sata 3 slots
gtx 590 3gb card 1x
Computer Case Haf-X

I'm starting to render a lot of animation and videos so I need more ram for my setup and because I am just a over the top junkie, I like to get more then I need, ha!

So my question is, I am trying to upgrade my MOBO to support the new Gen CPU's and still be able to support my core i7 still and give me access to a 32 gb memory board that would support ddr3 1866. I would assume getting that mobo would come with sata 3 6gb for my downgraded SSD.

I think the first request of a new Gen CPU supporting my old i7 920 mobo is probably out of the question so most likely disregard that.

Anyways if anyone could help me out with possible mobo options, I would greatly appreciate it.

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