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If I change the MOBO and CPU in my system, will I need to reinstall windows 7, also is this a good bundle price?

My case is a ultra xblaster, I'm looking for a decent CPU cooler that will fit within the case. I also will get ddr3 ram (I currently have ddr2 not 3) Will this card fit within the case (I have removed the HDD cage)
With this new PSU

Also I may change the case if you want me to. I wonder if this is good

Will this ram work with the MOBO? I also might get a ssd and a 1tb HDD that is 7400rpm.
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  3. Yes you will need to reinstall Windows.

    If you have removed the HDD cage then I can't see why that graphics card won't fit.

    The HAF 912 is probably one of the better cases at or below $50; plenty of features, good cooling, can fit large CPU coolers and large GPUs.

    The RAM will work with the motherboard, but it won't necessarily run at 1866MHz, in fact it will probably default to 1333MHz, you will have to go into the BIOS and do some tweaking and possibly CPU overclocking to get it to run at/close to 1866MHz.
    According to this the case is 7.5" (190mm) wide. I have seen other cases that are 190mm wide that can fit coolers 160mm in height. So I'd find one that was less than 160mm in height.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus $30

    A cheaper PSU that is also modular:
    XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Modular $70
  4. But I currently will keep my 5400rmp drive. Then get a new Hdd not replace the old one I don't want to replace the case either.
    Will the fan fit in the current case? I want to keep the drive with windows. Oh and only 800mhz ram work with my mobo (1100 if am2+) I will get a new pay soon and get a 6950 as long as it fits in the case if not I will get a 6850 or 6870
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