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i am going to buy a gaming pc.the configuration is listed below,please tell me if it is good. core i7 2600k processor
2.asus p8p67 pro motherboard
3.nvidia GTS 450
4.2x4 gb kingstone hyper x
5.seagate 500gb hdd
6.cooler master elite 450 or 335
7.lg optical drive
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  1. For gaming, get an i5-2500K and put the money you save into a better video card.
  2. I would get the i5 2500k. It has about the same gaming performance as the i7 2600k, and in many cases the i5 overclocks higher than the i7. Used that money saved towards a better GPU. GTX 570 or 580 if budget permits. Get the i7 2600k only if doing extensive video editing, where hyperthreading is needed. No games use hyperthreading. I would go with 8gb ram 1600hz, You can find them on sale for around $45 on Newegg.
  3. Agree, I have an i7-2600k and the brother I built to it had the i5-2400k, when I did some side to sides with games, they faired out the same.

    Also, look to your CPU cooler... NOT stock. I run the Corsair H50 w/ a second 120mm fan. I do not get above 50C when in game and did not get above 60C on Prime 95. Case airflow management is also important in this...
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