Noob asking about upgrade, help greatly appreciated.

Hello this is my first post here, i am looking to upgrade my graphics card and am not sure of compatibility with my current setup, any advice would be appreciated, i know only the basics in computing. My current setup is

O/S - Windows vista 64 bit
CPU - Q6600 quad core 2.40ghz
Memory - 4gb ram
Motherboard - nForce 750i SLI ftw
GPU - Radeon HD 5500
PSU - 650w

The computer is around 3 years old i have had to change graphics cards 3 times, originally i owned a 9800gtx then onto a GTS250 now i own the Radeon 5500.. Seems the graphics cards have got worse due to my knowledge and bad advice.. I was looking at these 2 cards Radeon HD 6850 Radeon 6870 but was unsure of how the would fit in with my current system.

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  1. What brand is the 650 watt? Also a 6870 is awesome, but for the price 6850 is best for price 6870 is best for performance wise.
  2. 6850 would be a major upgrade over any of the 3 graphics cards you have owned.
  3. (Off Topic)Also what is the 5500 sounds like a fake card, that 250 is MUCH better probably.

    Anyway yeah a 6850 would be a HUGE upgrade.
  4. While I agree with the other posters, you may want to look at the GTX460 or GTX560 seeing as you have an SLI board.
  5. (cough cough) and over clock the 6600 a little to like 2.7 (cough cough)
  6. Thankyou for the replies guys, much appreciated the 650w psu was ordered for me by a friend, i had a look at the case i can't really see a brand name apart from a blue "K" on it.. Sounds like the 6850 is worth looking into, would it be alright with the rest of my hardware? i will also take in consideration looking into the GTX cards, thankyou. also about the 6600 i would have no idea where to start on how to overclock it. thanks again.
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