P8Z77-V Pro – PS/2 keyboard not detected by Bios

My P8Z77-V Pro does not recognise a PS2 Keyboard (during boot it displays “0 Keyboards”) and hence the delete key to get into the BIOS does not work. All’s fine once OS loads. I have a spare cheapo USB keyboard which is recognised.

Is there a BIOS setting which will enable the PS2 Keyboard to be recognised?
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  1. If your PS/2 keyboard won't work in the BIOS, it's just incompatible. Nothing you can do about it except use a different keyboard.
  2. I have a set of USB and PS/2 KB/Mice that always work in the BIOS -- they are the cheapest POS you can find BUT they work.

    It's not uncommon for either Interfaces to work/fail they typical underlying commonality is 'driver requirements' ; if a KB/Mouse requires a driver to work in the OS 9/10 it'll fail in the BIOS.
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