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Hello,I am using Vista, after windows update a security pack this morning was updated my wireless netowrk icon in my notification area of my task bar is gone, i went to enable it and that option to tick show network on startup task bar notification is greyed out. And when I go to connect to the comcast wireless router (that everyone else can seem to get onto with no problem) shows that it cannot identify my laptop even when I put in the key to access it. How do I 1. get the icon for my network to show on my task bar (to the right next to the clock) and 2. How do i get the wireless router to recognize my laptop? Thanks very frustrating I am beging to never want to say yes to a MS security pack update again!
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  1. is the wireless network card enabled/turned-on?
  2. Yes, I can connect with wireless without the key/passcode. I have the correct passcode for the wireless router i am trying to connect to but It just says identifing for a long time, (even says its taking too long) and then it just says cant identify.. and nothing. I think that its on the serve end, but the last time I called them they changed my 8bit passcode to a 32bit passcode. anyway, its just that i cant connect to comcast wireless router and my icon in my task bar is gone. thanks for the help.
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    In Control Panel>Network and Sharing Centre, click on Manage Wireless Networks and fill in the details of your own network manually, including that new code. A restart will help then it should connect.
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  5. Fixed thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
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