Ivy Bridge? Sandy E? 2600k?

So I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU, here's my current setup:

Fractal Design R3 White
Asus Sabretooth P67
i-7 960 (to be OCed to 4.2-4.4ghz)
Dual Gigabyte GTX 580s (To be OCed)
OCZ Vertex 120gb SSD
2 500GB Samsung HDDs in Raid0
6 GB Kingston DDR3 Triple Channel (I think, off of memory) ram (3x2gb)
1000W CoolerMaster PSU
Liquid Cooled with Laing (Vario) Pump, 2 loop: 2.120 for CPU and 3.120 for GPUs

I know that my CPU is bottlenecking my performance right now. So I'm stuck between the following options:

a) Buy a 2600k and OC that
b) Buy the hex core SBE when that's released
c) Wait for the Ivy Bridge Platform and get whatever top of the range processor they release with that

The system is used exclusively for two things:
a) Gaming
b) Folding when I'm in a giving mood

I know that I may have to upgrade my mobo, which I'm fine with doing. Also side question has any pricing/processor information been released regarding Ivy Bridge? What's the top of the line gonna be like in terms of features and pricing?

Thanks guys
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  1. An i7-960 is not to be sniffed at, especially when overclocked. Is the system not performing up to scratch? What makes you think you are being bottlenecked?
  2. i'd definately get a quick SSD if you have to spend the money, why do you think you ar bottlenecked enough to care (as the bottle neck will shift between gpu and cpu game to game). you have one of the nicer problems to hve.
  3. scopey86 said:

    Asus Sabretooth P67
    i-7 960 (to be OCed to 4.2-4.4ghz)

    i7 960 and 067 mobo?
  4. soz.....meant... i7 960 on P67 mobo......???
  5. ^Good point. Should be X58, surely?
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