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I recently purchased the 990 FX, along with an AMD 6-core processor and 16gb of DDR3 RAM. Taking these components and combining them with the original HDD, CD/DVD, GPU, and PSU resulted in the inability to boot windows 7. While booting, it makes it up to the Windows symbol, but then a blue screen appears for a split second and the computer reboots. I tried to use Windows repair and also tried restoring to an earlier point in time. Neither of these worked. I would list the error on the blue screen, but it is only present for a half a second. When I called up Asus, the technician basically had me switch the boot priority, and when that didn't work they just told me that the only solution to the problem is to format the HDD and reinstall Windows. I guess what I am wondering is if this is truly the only way to get my new set up working, or if Asus was just too lazy too actually walk me through a more complicated process that may have in fact gotten my system to work without having to lose all my data. Any information would be great.
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  1. Hi there,

    Did u perform a clean install?
  2. No I haven't done a clean install. I simply took my HDD from my old set up and placed it into the new set up. There is plenty of stuff stored on the HDD currently.
  3. Well, what was the old set up?

    It rarely works, in many cases it wont even boot.
  4. Do u have another HDD/SSD?
  5. All u have to do is to transfer the data to another HDD and perform a clean install.
  6. OK, clean install from the USB pen drive.
    U need this tool – use USB2 port only! Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
    How to @ Windows Easy Transfer
  7. I have that same board and clean install is the only way to go.
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