Computer crashes when opening Catalyst Control Center

OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
GPU: Sapphire R6850

My computer freezes when I try to open CCC, I have to hold power button to restart it. The drivers and CCC are updated to latest version. Everything is fine when I run Furmark, idle temp at 35c and full load temp at 63c. But as soon as I open CCC, it freezes. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Have you already tried older driver versions or just uninstalling/reinstalling the 11.4 driver?
  2. Yes it crashed on older version too, then I updated it and it still happened.
  3. updated windows? ccc requires some updates particularly .net
    have you just upgraded from another ati card? use driversweeper to remove all old drivers.
  4. I check Windows update and it says everything is up to date. I had a R4650 before when I first built it 4 weeks ago, and when I switch to R6850 like 1 day after, everything was fine until now.
  5. yeah, so you need to get driversweeper and follow the instructions to use it properly to remove all the old drivers and settings from the old card.
  6. did it work?

    because my 4850 keeps on crashing when starting up!

    all the time BSOD!

    i think it's because of catalyst controlcenter 2
  7. have u OC'ed the card at all? i got hd 6870 a couple of months ago, and i didn't know much about OC'ing. So i cranked up the shaders and core to its max, and considering my card has no voltage control, it crashed straight away. I didn't read my GPU manual so i did not know u could reset the clocks to default at windows start up so i had to remove my GPU and uninstall CCC.

    Anyway the point is, i tried reintalling CCC, but my pc crashed again so i assume that it somehow remembered my OC even though i uninstalled it, perhaps there was some registry file i didn't remove. Maybe this is happening for you?
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