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A good PSU around 850W

Hey folks,

I am looking to get a new PSU to support an NVIDIA GTX 580 3GB graphics card. The power requirements are only a 600W with at least 42A on the +12V rail but I have heaps of other devices connected so I was thinking something around 850W.

There seem to be a multitude of PSU's out there so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Can anyone suggest a good one for around $100?

Thanks heaps!
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  1. casualbuilder said:

    Except for the Corsair TX, all the rest are non modular which is a kinda problem with some enthusiast users.
    all the PSUs included are 750W, the OP needs a 850W PSU in case of upgrade.
  2. These are the based options in his price range. If you are looking for modular, you have to give on price or wattage. Also, the Antec is 900W, and a very good psu, and the XFX is an 850. He needs some sort of 80+ Cert if he is building a gaming rig, as he needs stable power/voltage the brands also go up as what companies he should be using.

    Quite frankly, i think a $100 budget is a little low for what you want, but this is what is out there. If you can spend an extra $50-$75, the market opens up.

    These are $100 budget psu's...not "modular 800W+, 80+ Cert" psu's.
  3. casualbuilder has some really good units listed no crap among them.
    Here's some others.
    OCZ Z-SERIES 850W 80+ Gold -$79.99 USD/after mir
    Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750M - $119.90 USD
    XFX 850W PRO850W XXX Edition Single Rail - $109.99 USD/after mir
  4. Thanks guys, perhaps I should be more realistic about price if I want a quality product. I could go up to around $200.

    I'm actually in Australia and this is the store I will be buying from:

    Hope this helps.
  5. Id be wary about Cooler Master psu's. Although the Silent Pro series is a great series, their company uses mediocre materials, and way too many manufacturers.
  6. The Cooler Master looks suitable but I noticed in a review of the TPQ-850 it only gives 18A per 12V rail. I don't know much about PSU's but this sounds insufficient for the GTX 580 which requires 42A.

    I do appreciate your help.
  7. the corsair would be your best bet...TX750M series. a great bang for your buck, and will be sufficient for anything you need with that GTX580.
  8. Worth every penny imo i run a HX-750 too like casualbuilder.
    Corsair HX-850 - 7yr warranty
  9. HX750 here as mine for about $140.
  10. Just checked geforce website and says the GTX 580 draws 244W at maximum..
    It means, 20,3A in 12V just for VGA.
    So the 600W PSU, (IMO with at least 35A in 12V) should be ok
    If u dont want a future proof PSU get a quality 600W PSU. It's enough for the system
  11. 35A in 12V = 420W = 270W for VGA + 150W for CPU
  12. @vitornob
    On the website I read the GTX 580 3GB needs atleast 600W, but if you're right I could just keep my asus 700W. However I do want to future proof in case I want to setup SLI later so I think Ill get the TX750M. I'm currently reading a review on the 850W version but that would be overkill, right?
  13. Best answer
    let's clarify some concepts.....,
    first of all the TPQ-850W new revisions is rated @ 25A per 12V rail

    let's assume you get the 18A one lets do some calculations

    You see the Combined Watt column? Notice the 764W rating for the +12v rail. This is the combined +12v power.
    764W / 12v = 64A
    So that's 20A above NVIDIA's recommendation. NVIDIA's PSU recommendations are for a whole system powering a GTX 580 not a GTX 580 alone. To get a good estimate on how much power a GPU draws, look at the TDP rating (Thermal Design Power). This is actually a rating of the maximum heat output of the card, but the power consumption is always extremely close to the TDP. So the GTX 580 has a 244W TDP.
    244W / 12v = 20.3A
    So the GTX 580 alone only needs about 20A of power. Since your PSU has 4 ×12v rails you should have decent distribution. Be sure to split the GPU up onto separate rails if you can.
  14. 244W is correct for the gpu, the cpu is 125W (140W if you are looking at the BD), plus another 100W for the rest of the system to be safe. so, total watts you need is roughly 570W at max consumption. I would recommend the HX850 if you ever want to upgrade to an SLI configuration with GTX580's. It will be close, but the unit will hold it, as absolute max tdp would be 725W-800W depending on drives and hdd's you have installed. My advice, go with the HX850, but the HX750 would be enough if money is truly an issue.
  15. casualbuilder said:
    Id be wary about Cooler Master psu's. Although the Silent Pro series is a great series, their company uses mediocre materials, and way too many manufacturers.

    CoolerMaster Silent pro series are one of the bests ever, every famous brand has it's own high end products and small market segment products. for eg. Antec is known for it's True Power series, NZXT are known for their Hale90 PSUs, Thermaltake are known for its Toughpower series, CoolerMaster GX, Extreme series have awful reviews and not recommended for CF/SLi setups. Same thing for OCZ, it's ModXtream and StealsXtream are creepy PSUs Unlike the Fatalty and Z series.
  16. Thanks ilysaml, I understand now.

    and casualbuilder, I think I will go for the TX850M as SLI will def be a possibility down the track. I also have 3 SSD's, a HDD, Bluray and DVD plus a TV Tuner and a Wacom Tablet on top of the usual stuff. And its only $30 more than the 750.

    Thanks all for your input.
  17. I had a second look at my current PSU and by my calculations it will actually be enough to support my system with the new GTX 580 3GB - Just looking for a second opinion.

    On top of the new card, my PSU will have to support these extra devices:

    Bluray drive
    DVD drive
    Wacom Tablet
    TV Tuner
    3 SSD
    1 HDD

    plus the regular stuff, CPU, 16GB RAM, mouse, keyboard, speakers etc.

    the MAIN PSU specs:

    (AOPEN AO700-12AE6)
    +12V1 +12V2
    30A 30A

    MAX COMBINED POWER (Of +12V1 and +12V2): 648W

    Based on these figures, would you think this PSU of mine will handle everything?

    I will definately need a better PSU down the track so I can SLI multiple cards, but if I can avoid the hassle and expense now I will.

    Thanks everyone for your help so far.
  18. yes it should be very sufficient to your rig, but the problem is that AOpen is not a famous brand so I'm not sure if it delivers the total of 700W or not.
    usually any 700W has a 80 plus certificate.. does it have ?
  19. yes, I believe it does ("80 PLUS" in large font within a rectangle) on the PSU.
  20. so you are good to go
  21. excellent. thanks for all of your help, ilysaml!
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  23. I picked up a Silent Pro Series 850w for $89.99 a couple weeks back, wish I wouldn't have gone the cheap route, they had the 1000w for $125...I hope I didn't make a mistake, everything I read about them sounded positive. They are also supposed to be really quiet which was a big reason I chose the Coolermaster in the first place.
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