Would an i3 bottleneck my system?

Would a Intel Core i3-530 ((Dual Core) 2.93GHz/4M L3 Cache) bottleneck a budget gaming build?

Essentually I wish to pull apart my pc and rebuild a new one using as much components from the old to keep it cheap, so I would like to know about that cpu.
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  1. if you could, i would go with an i5. Its a quad core, and gives a ton of extra benefits. For an extra $50, this would be night and day comparatively:

    What gpu do you have?
  2. At the second none, I will likely go Radeon 4870/90 though, and the thing about the i3, is I have it already, but if its worth going for the i5 straight up rather then upgrading...
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    if you have it already, then im not sure i would spend the money on the i5. With the new ivy series short to release, probably next month or for christmas time, i would not spend the money on a processor YET. But, i would recommend buying nVidia, as their mid-ranged cards outperform amd/ati's high-end cards more so than not. a good card, like a 460/560, will cost between $125-$175 after MIR. This will allow you to go with a higher end cpu when the newer IVY series releases from intel. This will be a much smarter upgrade in my mind, since you already own the i3.
  4. Thanks, and I'll look into the nVidia cards, always been an ATI guy :P
  5. no prob. if you give me a budget on total upgrade money, i may be able to find some "Best Bang for your Buck" items for you. Also, a description of what you are running such as your motherboard, psu, hdd/ssd, amount of RAM, and case would help immensely!
  6. Well, if you feel like it, psu, case and motherboard all need to be bought, I have my hard drive, I have 4gb of RAM that I know nothing about.
  7. And around $400 au would be my max budget :)
  8. oh, well thats a bit. hmmmm, are you an intel only guy? usually low budget pc's are built with amd cpu's and amd/ait gpus. I know i recommend nvidia but they are worth the extra money. amd to intel, unless you have a huge amount of money, amd i think is a better buy. What do you own now as far as case and psu?
  9. Case and psu is terrible, like really, they need to go, I think the psu is 300w. and I'm tired, by $400 I meant $600
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  11. If your going to go with a i3, go with the newer s1155 i3 so you have some upgrade ability, not the old s1156.
  12. alright...what is with all the "18"s at the end of every quote?
  13. geekapproved said:
    If your going to go with a i3, go with the newer s1155 i3 so you have some upgrade ability, not the old s1156.

    I have the old i3 anyways, its in my current pc, I'm low on cash and wish to upgrade the computer with further upgrading not far away.

    And the 18's are weird.
  14. Also, if you feel like it, finding me a gpu, motherboard, case (blue leds? :D) and psu for an intel build, where the cpu will be upgraded soon :)
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