Cooler master haf 912 plus

Hello, does anybody know where is cm haf 912 plus available at???
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  1. davcon said:
    Where do you live?

    im in nyc. the site says product not found.
  2. go to newegg...i think they have one for around $60
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    shangsunset said:
    im in nyc. the site says product not found.

    You're looking for a 912 Advanced with side window.
    Which is only available at the CM Store in N.A. in limited quantities and stock goes very fast.
    It's an Asian model.
    A 912 Plus is actually a european model sold as such in the U.K. and doesn't have a side window either.
  4. " Asia gets the Advance version ($99), Europe will get Plus ($79) whereas the US gets the best price deal ($59) but it comes with only basic equipment. "

    Just don't understand it.
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