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Hello all,

Looking for suggestions for a CPU upgrade.

Currently running an AMD Athlon Dual Core X64 3000+
Graphics card is a 9800 GT.

Thanks in advance for suggestions! :hello:
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  1. What is your budget, and what do you plan on playing/using with your computer? the gpu may need an upgrade with it or soon after if you need to save. also, what is your psu and mobo...without this knowledge, since everything is relative to other components, its hard to help you out.
  2. I suppose the socket is a 920 which is not no longer supported.

    Upgrade is not possible.
  3. Actually...

    CPU: AMD Athlon Dual Core X64 6000+
    RAM: 4G DDR2
    MB: ASUS M3N78 Pro
    PS: 680
    GPU: GeForce 9800GT

    Budget: Like to keep it under, or close to $200. Had someone else make a suggestion MONTHS ago, wrote it down...but have since then lost the paper I wrote it on. :sweat:

    Phenom something or other.

    I play Stronghold series, run SNIPER" Ghost Warrior on it with no hiccups, EMPIRE: Total War, plan to MAYBE play Star War: The Old Republic or Guild Wars 2
  4. According to Asus, your board will support anything up to the Phenom II X6 hexacores with just a BIOS update.

    For gaming and general use, I would however recommend the Phenom II X4 955.
  5. $200 is tough to squeeze out a Phenom.

    I would recommend first looking for a GTX 460 1GB or HD 6850 for ~$140 and then an Athlon X3 triple core or X4 quad for $75 to $100.

    The 6000+ is still a decent CPU, and your RAM is good; focus on upgrading your GPU to the limits of your PSU if you are mostly gaming.
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