Asus P8H77-V VGA queation please help me

hi there im going to buy Asus P8H77-V but there is a damn objection that i need you guys help me with it

look this model of motherboard having onboard graphic on it

and i do have a VGA Gigbyte Gforce 9500GT 1Gig

as i know onboard graphic cards sux usally but im not sure,thats why i want your advices, "do i use the onboard

graphic or i use my own gigabyte? wich will be more powerfull?

well i have 4gig corsair 2000 bas if i will use the onboard how many of my memory will be using by onboard graphic?

Regards Nevada.
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  1. The ASUS P8H77-V supports the new LucidLogix® Virtu MVP which makes the choice simple so you can choose either way - discrete GPU or onboard iGPU connections. Typically, I choose the the discrete GPU ports.

    Nice brief video -
  2. thank you so much
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