My COmputer keeps randomly freezing. Help plz

Hi, THese are my computer specs first of all.

Sapphire Ati 5850
Intel Core i7 920 - Stock Clock
Evga Sli Le MOtherboard
6 GB of OCZ 1600 7/7/7/24 RAM
OCZ 750w MOdular PSU
Antec 902 Case

I run windows 7 off my OCZ 40 GB SSD.
And I have 2 500 GB hardrives on which I put my games and music.
I have a none stock cooler on my CPU. - Megahalems Cooler

I built my computer in November 2009.

My computer has always freezed while playing Call of Duty 4. BUt not for any other game. THen when I go my extra 500 GB Harddrive and reinstalled windows 7. I also flashed the last MBO BIOS onto my motherboard. THis was about 2 months ago. IT ran fine for a while, but for the last month my computer has been freezing 2 - 3 times a day. IT freezes while playing games, watching Vidoes, or just browsing the internet. My CPU runs at 40 Celsius under load, and my graphic card runs at 45 C underload. So its not an overheating problem. My graphics card has been making a whining sound now and again but I have read thats normal. I have tried reinstalling Windows 7, and reverting to older drivers on my Graphics but nothing worked. Do note that my Graphics card driver crashes sort of frequently, and the driver has to restart.

What should I do. Does anyone know what is wrong? Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. run prime95 and memtest.... it sounds like it could be some bad ram. all of the applications that it seems to crash from tend to use memory.
  2. or perhaps the ram on your graphics card for that matter
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