My new computer doesnt boot. I put together the parts twice now and i seriously think there is no problem with any of the connections.

mobo: ASUS M4A87TD
gpu: 460gtx 1gb msi version
cpu: 1090t amd
ram: Patriot Memory Sector 5 G Series 8 GB
psu: coolermaster 650watt gx

hdd is connected to sata1 and dvd drive to sata 3, both the blue ram slots are taken by both ram cards,
cpu cooler is a screw on cooler and cpu has a good brand of thermal paste on it. The psu power is also connected
to the motherboard(also the 4pin connector), lastly my screen works as i am using a different pc on it as we speak and
the light on the motherboard is green.

problem: pc doesn't display anything when it boots, no sound or beep comes from the computer even though the cpu cooler
, dvd drive and harddrive all are booted

extra: the core unlocker has a red light when turned on, and the MemOK is flashing red if i press and hold the button

heeeeelp haaha i needed to assemble this pc for my company, very appreciated if you can help me out :p
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    Hi there, welcome to the forums.
    First things first, follow this guide: FOLLOW IT, Don't just skim it. Do the steps mentioned.

    Tell us what it turns up.

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  3. 1 pin missing on cpu and one ram stick was faulty. I replaced a cpu pin from an old amd dual core onto the 1090t and it worked like a charm again. For anyone with the same issue, click the link provided by the good sir that posted above me :hello:
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