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Hey there all, new to the forums although I have browsed a lot recently. I've got some questions concerning a new computer I plan to build, mainly about a power supply. Looking for something at least bronze level 750ish watts for 100 dollars or so. Something that will be not only stable but last a quite awhile.

Also I plan to build this computer in pieces and the first thing I plan to buy is a new graphics card. I'm needing to know if my current psu will handle the video card.

Ok first off my current pc consists of:

RAM 4gigs 2 x

Additional items are 2 500gb sata drives, usb microphone, g15 keyboard and g5 mouse, Cyber Snipa Tracer mousepad(connects to usb port) Case fans are 1 120x120 25mm/ 1 140x140x25mm blue LED/ 1 230x230x20mm LED. And dvd burner.

Would my current PSU be able to power the above with the GPU switched to this (PSU is roughly 1 year old):

the extreme psu calculator shows that I will be able to power it but I just wanted a more... street smart opinion lol. And on to my second question. The new pc I plan to build, would my old PSU be able to power it yes or no (I do plan to get a new PSU regardless) Which would you recommend, that would give me a little bid of head room/stability/lifetime for roughly 100 dollars.

New PC components:

GPU (as mentioned above 6950)
CPU cooler

Same 2 sata drives/case and fans/ mic, keyboard, mouse/pad

My case is this so I will have room for anything.

I know this is a giant post, even more so for being a first post, but any info on what I asked/tips or suggestions would be amazing. Hope to hear from you guys!
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    Run far away from that Raidmax psu.
    I wouldn't use it to power any of my 3 rigs let alone a 6950.
    A quality 650W would be a good starting point.
    I know you don't need 850W but the price is awesome.=more power makes no difference
    OCZ Z-SERIES 850W 80+ Gold - $79.99 USD/after mir
    Seasonic M12II 620W - $99.00 USD
    XFX 750W PRO750W XXX Edition - $89.99 USD/after mir
    Shipping is free at NCIX
    I wouldn't buy that ram kit it will cause nothing but headaches with HSF.
    Those modules are 52mm tall.
    Get these instead they are exactly the same but low profile.
  2. So many choices and not able to rush into this, will be built over the next 1-2 months. But you gave me a pretty good starting point.

    As for my current psu, I have heard bad things but shockingly its done really well. Actually outlasted my Corsair HX1000W lol. The corsair took 2 8800 GT's and an asus striker II with it right at the 1 year mark. Come to think of it I think I've had this raidmax for right at 2 years O_O

    I know you say stay away from the raidmax, but theoretically would it be enough to power that 6950 efficiently? Minus the hate of the brand? Hmm I know it comes down to amps and it looks like the 6950 needs 30 amps on the 12v rails and the raidmax combined 12v1 + 2 is 37 amps if you can count it that way, would be cutting it close I'd imagine
  3. What happened to the HX since it has a 7yr warranty?
    I don't hate Raidmax i just don't trust it.
    And yes you're correct it should be fine since a quality 500W will run a 6950.
    As long as it provides the required 12v amps.
    I've responded to post where Raidmax psu's have unfortunately damaged folks gear that's all.
    These usually involve surges and lightning strikes though so the weakest link goes.
    A good surge protector/ups pays for itself imo.
    I don't run any of my gear straight into the wall.
    Common sense really.
  4. Ah yeah I have a surge protector as well as a UPS that my computer is plugged into. And when I bought this computer before with the corsair psu I had bought it from a website, ibuypower(don't smite me down lol) So even though everything technically had a warranty for multiple years everything had to go through them and after 1 year any cost for damaged components was on my dime. And the psu went out and took everything with it I think 1 month after the 1 year warranty. I'd never buy from a website like that again thus why I plan to make my own in the next couple of months.
  5. It all looks good!
    I would just change to the low profile ram and grab a 212+ instead of the TX-3.
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus
    You're much better off with a 120mm fan HS.
    The 212+ is the King of budget coolers.
  6. Avengersoul said:
    Ah yeah I have a surge protector as well as a UPS that my computer is plugged into..

    Bad idea..... These two items should not be used in series.

    If ya have designs or or want the option to install a 2nd GFX card and do moderate overclocking (4.6 - 4.7 ish) then I'd get the XFX Core Edition at the ridiculously cheap price of $85

    If ya want to squeeze that last 0.2 or 0.3 GHz outta that CPU, then I'd opt for a Corsair HC / AX series, Antec Cp / SG series or Seasonic X series.
  7. I didn't know that Jack, I've been using a surge protector with the UPS plugged into it for about 3-4 years, but will be changing that asap lol. Also I don't plan to overclock when I first get this built but eventually I may decide to. Main reason for getting the 2500k is its only a 10 dollar difference above the 2500 and a good possibility of getting a 2nd gpu down the road.

    Also davcon, I was talking about amps for the 6950 and it didn't even dawn on me to look into what my 4870 amp reqs were and surprisingly the 4870 uses 32 amps so I may be pretty safe if the 6950 only uses 30 :D I do some pretty heavy gaming with this and haven't had any problems at all so I think I may risk it lol.

    Anyway I thank you guys a ton for the advice/input but its time to catch some zzz's so I'm not a zombie at work tonight!
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  9. Just wanted to update you guys on what is going on. Davcon you said a good start would be a 650 watt psu, one of the ones in the link was a PC Power and Cooling psu. After reading tons of reviews and looking at some tests done I went with

    Also switched the gpu to since I have been really impressed with HiS

    Just ordered both this morning and planning on building the rest of the pc in the next couple of weeks, using your ram and HSF you suggested.
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