Does Asus p9x79 Pro offer usb boot option

I have a p9x79 pro. Does it offer the option to install an OS from an USB stick. Does it have USB in it's boot device list? I haven't purchased a CD drive and though a USB stick would be a cheaper option.
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  1. Yes! Frankly the only way IMO to install any Windows 7 + X79 is off a USB.

    Guide -

    Simplified new install for Windows 7 64-bit + MBR:

    Assuming a NEW build and NEW components and Windows 7 64-bit - based on what you have posted above:

    Important note: I strongly recommend before installing any OS that you run Memtest86+: Minimum of 2 passes and 4 passes is preferred. The X79 has a lot of DIMM slots and the risk of errors are effectively double, and I've seen several installations that were corrupted from RAM related issues. Create a bootable CD/DVD/USB of Memtest, use the latest version found here ->

    Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Driver Software V3.0.0.2003 -

    Preparation MBR:
    * Backup data and any registered Apps deauthorize if possible
    * Use the latest BIOS and you must use a minimum BIOS version which supports your components.
    * Create Bootable Flash Drive MBR USB installer
    ** Flash Drive ->
    * Create a folder on Flash Drive e.g. 'RAID' containing extracted Intel RSTE Driver Software V3.0.0.XXXX or Intel F6 RSTE drivers

    1. BOOT/BIOS:
    A. BIOS, change Intel SATA -> RAID ; options may include Hot-swap (fine for data, never boot drives)
    B. Save and Exit = Yes

    2. Before Re-Installing:
    A. Shutdown and physically unplug ALL SATA cables to any non-boot drives

    3. Installing: Press F8 and Boot from USB, select 'Install now ->'
    A. Select Custom (Advanced)
    B. Click on Load Driver, Browse RAID drivers from 'RAID' folder:
    'Flash Drive':\...RSTe_V300xxxx_XPWin7\RSTe_V300xxxx_XPWin 7\Driver\Disk\64bit\iaStorA.inf

    C. Delete any partitions, and reformat
    D. Install Windows
    E. Finish Windows installation
    F. Once in Windows: Install Chipset, Intel RST software/Drivers, and the remainder drivers.
    TIP: drivers - use the latest per MOBO's website not the included drivers on the CD/DVD. Copy to primary drive and install.
    TIP: drivers - place latest unzipped drivers on Flash Drive in a folder e.g. 'DRIVER PKG', at minimum the Chipset and NIC drivers.

    4. Shutdown and reattach all SATA drives

    5. Windows:
    A. Registry {note Start values must = 0}:
    Either manually verify and change the following registry values or run 'Fix It' -
    B. Management, Disk Management -- add drives and format; if data drives

    6. Now if you want - BIOS, change Intel SATA -> AHCI <or> leave it in RAID.
  2. I will be installing linux actually.
  3. I'm running RHEL.
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